We finally have some decent equipment…

And when I say decent, it’s still pretty rudimentary to be honest. But it works, and we love it, and it makes life MUCH easier, and it’s taken hundreds and hundreds of tea towel sales to buy. So here it is, a massive screen washing unit (no more washing our screens in the dark/rain/snow, standing in puddles!) AND a drying rack (no more covering every surface in our studio with fresh prints that we then proceed to smudge/trip over/drop on the floor).

We’re coming up to our first anniversary of moving into our studio. It’s way too small and quite messy, but it’s ours, it’s affordable and it’s removed from family life (well, apart from baby Edna, who is tiny and doesn’t yet commandeer our drawing materials/complain about being bored/terrorise the resident goats/demand an audience for her rendition of ALL of the ‘Frozen’ songs).

If anyone wants to try their hand at printing, please contact us. We run workshops throughout the year and can open our studio in the evenings if you want to work on your print-making.