Best school days

I spent a wonderful day at St Sampson’s Infants School this week screen-printing with 70 children and staff on the last day of term. Given the time frame — two hours to do 80 prints with dozens of very small novice printers — the only option was to take a ready prepared screen rather than faff about cutting stencils. We used a photo taken at the PTA barbecue a few days earlier. Here is our print:

Screen printing with St Sampson's Infant School
Screen printing with St Sampson’s Infant School


And here’s Iris’s. She’s six and a half and was helped pulling the squeeguee by two of her classmates. Not bad, eh?

An impressive effort for a six year old!
Printed by Iris, age six

Five things we learned this week

It’s been busy busy here at Iris and Dora Designs, and even though we have been going for a year and a half, we continue to make some quite fundamental discoveries:

1. Paper ink dries WAY too quickly on a scorching hot day to successfully run an open air card making workshop with a single bucket of water. What were we thinking? We had a great time on Arts Sunday despite this — thank you Arts Commission for a fabulous day!

2. The opening night of the World Cup is a poor choice for a private view. We are exhibiting our original papercuts (the ones we used for the templates of our prints) as part of the Summer Exhibition at the old Greenhouse Gallery above the Tourist Information Centre. Our work is hung alongside beautiful paintings and collages by Guernsey-based artists Frances Lemmon and Bridget Spinney. They both have workshops coming this weekend which we highly recommend. Thanks for those who forfeited the chance to watch J-Lo et al and joined us for a drink at the gallery instead!

3. Facebook is a great tool for market research. Thanks for all the responses to our poll about the best packaging for our tea towels – they will remain in the recycled cardboard paper belly bands, not in tubes.

4. Earned media is better than bought media. This was the timely message we got from Nichole Sweetsur of Sweet PR at one of the recent Start-Up Guernsey co-working breakfasts. Timely because we were considering spending money we don’t have on advertising and instead we focused a tiny bit of energy on PR. You might have seen us in GBG and the Guernsey Press this week! (If any of our readers are small businesses like ours, Nichole is running a heavily subsidised PR workshop in July. Contact Start Up Guernsey for details if you are interested).

5. As long as there is no fresh ink on the printing table, it’s a pretty good place for tummy time! (Looking very cute, Edna!)


Edna gets a close look at the printing table
Edna gets a close look at the printing table