A chance to play in the studio!

By happy coincidence this Saturday we had already (a) tidied up our studio (ahead of a visit by Channel TV…) and (b) finished all of our Christmas orders, which meant we could play with our new vacuum table!

We almost bought an entire studio-full of bargain-price screen printing equipment recently but couldn’t afford to get it shipped over, so our vacuum table is a home-made affair with suction provided by our Henry hoover. Happily Denyse and her son Arthur are very resourceful and despite a lack of any engineering training and heavy pregnancy (in Denyse’s case) seem to manage to produce all of the equipment we need. Next up an exposure unit!

Here are some of the monoprints we produced, using simple stencils and collaging pages of a copy of ‘Les Miserables’ that we rescued from a skip. We often use text by Victor Hugo in our work because of his connection to Guernsey. The prints are embossed with our logo – not necessary but we LOVE our new embosser.

Seagulls over Fort Grey
Seagulls over Fort Grey, an edition of one. £25.
Chickens and Egg
Chickens and Egg, an edition of one. £25
Chickens and Egg, with quote
Chickens and Egg, with quote. An edition of one. £25. Quote reads “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”


If any of you are interested in screen-printing on paper here are some thoughts:

1.     You don’t need a vacuum table to print; we have spent the past year printing without one. But for printing on paper, especially to register a multiple-layer print, it helps as it stops the paper from moving under your screen.

2.    Ink dries a lot quicker on a paper screen than on a fabric screen. Give the fibres of your screen a good soaking before you start printing and sponge off excess water, and flood the screen in between prints or at least any time you need to faff around cutting more paper etc.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas/solstice/Hanukkah/holidays and a fantastic 2014!!!