About Us

Iris and Dora Designs is a collaboration between artists Diana Rodriguez and Denyse McGahy.

Diana Rodriguez

Diana is a relative newcomer to the Channel Islands, and this first series of papercuts has provided the perfect excuse to pootle around Guernsey, sketching and getting to know it. After more than a decade working on human rights-related issues, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to go to art school and now paints portraits, cuts paper and doodles for a living.

Denyse McGahy

Denyse is a Guernsey girl, a self-confessed geek,  she loves paper, collage, papercutting and anything to do with typography.

Diana and Denyse bonded over a shared interest in upcycling and needle-felting. Their starting point was to make clothes that they wanted to see their daughters — Iris and Dora– wear; original designs made with natural fibres.  It wasn’t long before they branched out into upcycled, needle-felted cushions which proved popular and are stocked in many Guernsey outlets.  From working with salvaged textiles they looked for other objects to rescue, taking scissors to old book pages and maps to create pictures.  They fell in love with the process of papercutting, eventually creating an intricate papercut of a map of Guernsey,  and the rest is history!

you can email them at enquiries@irisanddora.co.uk